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Namaste, I'm Sangeeta


My deepest prayer is to support and empower you to connect intimately with life. As explained in the ancient yoga sutras, this is an inward journey of deep connection to our truth, so that we may live in harmony with nature and from which we may emanate vibrant and perfect health.

For the last two decades I have been dedicated to studying and teaching

breath work travelling to India to study Pranayama and Ayurveda with one of the great Yogic masters living inIndia, Swami Randev Ji.

I provide a simple practical and deeply loving space to allow you to unplug from urgency, into deep trust and allowing.

My Wake Up Call

A deep bond formed at an early age between myself and my grandfather, who, whilst in India, made herbal medicines for his village. As he left the UK to return to India, this great and wise teacher handed me a yoga book and a prayer book and made one request, 'Practice yoga'. Aged eleven at the time, I was never to see my grandfather again. His legacy to me was a deep and profound fascination with ancient Eastern wisdom.

In 2005, during a life crisis, Pranayama found me and provided the 'key' to a positive mindset and triggered a thirst for greater understanding of the mind and body balance that can be achieved through meditation. The technique proved so powerful that I decided to go to India and study under the guidance of Swami Ramdevji in order to teach Pranayama in the UK.

Experiencing Kundalini Yoga has further enhanced my understanding that ultimately, life is all about energy. Through this sacred practice, with its roots in the Sikh Dharma, has unfolded a beautiful and unexpected reconnection. My grandfather was a devout Sikh, who was more inspired through spirituality than by religion. I now understand the wisdom of his final words to me.

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