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I have known Sangeeta for many years and two years ago I had a 1 to 1 session to gain insight into Kundalini Yoga and Pranayama breathing.

I honestly cannot believe how my physical and  mental health changed for the better from that day.

I joined Sangeeta's Zoom classes and have been practicing daily since.

In May I went on her retreat to Mallorca which was lovely and so nice to meet like-minded people.

Sangeeta is an amazing person, teacher and highly knowledgeable.  She is extremely kind and patient and is always available if needing help with my practice.

I would highly recommend anyone who is wanting to gain peace, both physically and mentally from a hectic lifestyle, to contact Sangeeta for 1 to 1 sessions or Zoom classes.  Thank you Sangeeta.

Fiona James - Yoga Student

Thanks to Sangeeta's wonderful and inspiring teaching I have built up a dedicated daily practice in Kundalini Pranayama.

I immediately had benefits from her breathe routines and over 6 months she introduced more exercises to our practice as well as reinforcing a steady half hour practice we could manage every morning.
Sangeeta explains the kriyas and meditations with clarity and enthusiasm and the history behind them.
We are taught Mantras and chants that I love to music and rhythms that encourage, support and deepens our learning process. As we became familiar with this breath work, my practice and benefits grow.
I keep free from negative feelings such as anxiety, worry, anger, inertia, sluggishness and depression.
I feel more alert, vital, happy, secure, enthusiastic and tolerant I feel more at ease in my body peaceful and graceful.
I think I am very lucky to have met Sangeeta and ever grateful for this fantastic practice.

Jacquelyn Keep - Yoga Student

I am so grateful for Sangeeta's pranayama teachings, through periods of stress, illness, not forgetting the good days, pranayama helps me start the day enriched, enlivened and both energised and relaxed.  Thanks to Sangeeta, each morning I can return to my breath, myself and a deep sense of peace and connection.

Ali Walters - Yoga Student

Sangeeta’s pranayama mediation sessions have helped me enormously. I have struggled with panic attacks and claustrophobia, I have sort treatment from many practitioners and nobody has seemed to have resolved the issues.

Sangeeta is amazing, a true guru. Her classes are through, and really insightful. The power of her breathwork is simply the best. I have become more focused, relaxed and aware of my life.

All her classes are deeply spiritual and enables you have to have connection with yourself and others in way no other practitioner can do so.

I feel so blessed to have found her. She is the best, with such calmness and such a positive spirt.

Labina Kar - Yoga Student

Sangeeta is the embodiment of a superb pranayama and kundalini yoga teacher.  She teaches from the heart with complete authenticity. She is a beautiful person , kind and professional and the words of spiritual wisdom that accompany the breath work are sacred . Her knowledge of the ancient teachings is immense I am thoroughly recommending Sangeeta to anyone who wishes to enhance their life journey on all levels, physical, mental , emotional and spiritual.


Clare - Yoga Student

I have had the opportunity to join four Pranayama workshops taught by Sangeeta at a festival this summer. I have found the early morning workshops awe-inspiring, the magic of this age-old teaching blew my mind away. As a fairly experienced yogi, some of the exercises were familiar, however thanks to Sangeeta I now understand the benefits of these and how best to perform them. I found Sangeeta to be an absolutely fantastic teacher, her instructions were clear and she was very mindful of everyone being comfortable with what they were doing. Her enthusiasm for Pranayama was contagious and her wisdom knows no bounds, I actually came away with a lot of information on other subjects such as Ayurveda. She was very generous to share her knowledge and provided us with written instructions which gave us the tools to continue with our practice at home. I must say it is rare to find such a genuine teacher who just want to help others to improve their health and general wellbeing. I felt full of energy after these early morning sessions and they helped me to keep going until late at night! If you are thinking about giving Pranayama a go look no further!

Betty - Yoga Student

got up early to join Sangeeta for pranayama at Tribal Earth this year, wondering if I would stay the course of whole hour of breathwork. I needn’t have worried – Sangeeta guided us on a beautiful journey through our physical bodies and the subtle system, which left me in a state of expanded awareness and feeling grounded for the rest of the day. She is wise, gentle and funny – my favourite kind of teacher!

Shirley - Yoga Teacher

The teachings given by Sangeeta are a unique and deepening experience and can open new doors for your wisdom and self-knowledge far beyond the automatic unconscious breath that keeps you alive.  Do not miss this opportunity for a new, outstanding and astonishing awakening of the possibility of learning the power of self healing.

Brigitte Lytton - Yoga teacher trainer

I have been terribly ill with  chronic lung disease for many years and followed the western model of allopathic treatments and drugs, all of which made no difference, except to exacerbate the condition, or create other new problems, eventually I searched a way out of the labyrinth and on the way discovered many wonderful and effective treatments and procedures which have set me on the path to perfect health.  Sangeeta's pranayama workshops combine all the main elements of healing I encountered: vibration, energy, colour, consciousness, intention, consistency, love, forgiveness, sound, and good old fashioned stretching, expanding, expelling and common sense.  Creating space for a daily practice of Pranayama has been the single most effective tool in my search for health and equilibrium.  Sangeeta has single handedly rebirthed this ancient technique within our community of self-healers, and I am so very happy and grateful she has chosen this task.   Many, many thanks.

Julia Assad

I experienced Sangeeta's Pranayama sessions at One World Festival.  In the magic of early morning, as the new day was dawning, she guided us gently and clearly through the practice.  Her soft, caring voice acted as a navigation point through the realms of the breath which revealed new depths with each exercise.  The subtlety and softness of the practice made it a dreamlike experience, whilst the precision required commanded focus and restored mental clarity.  The concluding meditation was deep and restorative as a result of the preceding breath work.  I highly recommend Sangeeta as a committed teacher, whose devotion shines through her heartfelt sharing of pranayama.

Katie Rose - Voice workshop leader

I attended Sangeeta's Pranayama workshop several mornings running.  I felt that the workshop ran at a good pace, it was nicely structured to allow us to practice and rest in between the activities.  Sangeeta came across as knowing her subject, providing information and guidance when needed as a professional teacher.  I left the session feeling more revived and quietly reflective.  I would recommend attending her classes and workshops as she is an inspirational person.

Linzi Martin - Sleep Well & Live Well consultant & teacher

Sangeeta is full of knowledge about the Pranayama practise and clearly demonstrates a big passion for it. I learnt so much about how to use the breath, the importance of the breath and the ancient yogic wisdom

behind it all. Sangeeta also handed out mantra sheets each day which was especially helpful for the tune in to begin. For me, the tune in really sets the tone for the class so it was a massive help to be fully involved in that, regardless of knowing the mantra’s or not. I always left Sangeeta’s class feeling energetically aligned and grounded. It’s clear that she is an amazing guide for this practise.

Megan - Yoga Student

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